own factory

Matrighor, our own factory, is located in Bangladesh, in South Asia.
It takes about 10 hours from Japan via Hong Kong or Thailand by plane.
It takes around 2 hours to get to Matrighor from Dhaka by car.
Buses and rickshaws start running from the early morning you can hear horns honking throughout the city.
In markets, fresh vegetables and fruits are sold by weight.
Fruits grown in Bangladesh are very juicy mangoes are especially delicious.
We are almost there in Matrighor.

It started with one employee in 2008 and has changed location several times since then.
Our bags begin with a first sample based on a rough pattern drawn by our designer, Eriko.
She spends half of the year in this sample room, designing and developing materials.
In the sewing section, there are three divisions; the lining division, the leather division, and the fabric division.
Each division uses different sewing machines.
Each section has a leader who checks progress and quality with a notebook in one hand.
Almost of our bags are handmade.
factory lunch
Time for lunch.
Some staff stay and have lunch in the factory, but most live near the factory, therefore they eat lunch at home.
Biliyani, as seen here, is a popular choice.
It’s a lot like curry.

Now let us introduce some of our staff. First we have Monjurani,

in charge of sewing.

She came to our factory when it had only 5 employees.

Being able to sew even the thickest of leather

using a special machine,

her sewing skills are the best in the factory.

Through inviting us to her son’s wedding,

and providing production with wood supplied from her husband,

her whole family feels closely involved with our company.

Next is Mithu, one of the two supervisors in our factory.

He is shy and not particularly good at talking in front of people,

but he is a superior craftsman.

He is able to calmly give proper instructions to his subordinates.

He visited Japan in 2014.

"I’ll never forget how special it was to be able to speak directly

with our customers”, he says, continually supporting the factory.

Here are some pictures from the lunch break.

The man tossing that ball in cricket is Kal, one of our drivers.

Able to get through any traffic or disorder,

his driving skills have earned everyone's trust.

He drove a three-wheeled taxi called a CNG

when the factory was still small,

but the car he drives continues

to get bigger and bigger as the factory grows.

Here’s another picture from lunch.

This girl taking a nap is Lima.

She works in the inspection room.

She is all business when she is working,

but her sleeping face makes her look like a child.

This is Morched, a sample master,

who has worked here since 2008.

When he joined, the factory had only 6 employees

and was located in Dhaka.

Since then, that number has grown to 160,

and his job has extended to monitoring all production.

He visited Japan in 2010, which was his longtime dream.

Being able to have spoken with customers is his greatest memory.

"I realized that we can make dreams come true in this factory", he said.

BD Team

Finally, here is a souvenir photo of our international and French team traveling to Bangladesh,
for the presentation of MOTHERHOUSE France.

All the teams are enthusiastic about this new challenge.

They are extremely proud that their products, their values ​​and their philosophy, are presented at more than 8000km.


The Matrighor workshop is for our employees a real "second home",
in which small and big miracles are achieved.

Our craftsmen work with passion, and participate in the development of new creations with your smiles in mind
as they discover their work.
"Do they like it?"
"What do customers think? "
They keep asking, concerned about your happiness.

It is thanks to them that we continue to highlight the skills of developing countries. 
It is thanks to them that MOHERHOUSE has continued its mission since 2006.