Kaben (silver)

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It is a petal made by spinning gold thread.
Petals - Silver Classic Series

Size: 19.0mm × 8mm
Chain: 45cm (Adjustable at 40cm and 35cm)
Material: Silver

A crystal of beauty made from silver which we called "Yuragi".

Silver925 of the traditional silver classic series was introduced. This series is made with a white shining silver thread.
Since silver is very soft it is mixed with a little copper to increase its strength.

Together with local craftsmen we carefully hand- craft each one from material development to finishing .

Original wooden box
Purchased jewelry will be presented to you in our special wooden box handmade in Indonesia.
The warm handmade wooden box will match the interior of your room nicely.
It can be used as storage of this jewelry or as a small box in which to store your precious items.

Kaben (silver)
Kaben (silver)
Kaben (silver)