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With two gemstones and the gold that accentuates the stones

Size: 7
.9mm × 8.7mm
Chain: 45cm (Adjustable at 42cm and 39cm)
Material: 10K Gold 
*Only the bonded part uses gold with a lower purity than the main body.
Weigh: 1.08g

A heart necklace with two different coloured stones on the left and right side by side.
As the surface is dome-shaped cabochon cut the stone colour is light and shines gently.
A gold frame that tightens the pale colour adds a mature atmosphere to the heart motif.

Sri Lanka is known as "a shining island."
We lovingly polish gemstones nurtured in this country's climate and soil using the painstaking techniques of skilled artisans.

Note: Because the jewelry is made of natural stones there is slight individual difference.

Blue Topaz
Blue topaz is said to be a stone to attract opportunities.
Legend has it that the name comes from the Greek word "topazos which means "to seek."
It will help you obtain what you are looking for -such as job love or a relationship -and will support you as you move forward into the future.

Amethyst is referred to as "a stone to protect true love." It is known as a stone to attract a sweet lover and at the same time gently cool off your overly excited feeling. It will help your love come true.