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The purity of the rough stone at the end of a chain

The necklaces of the Naked collection decorate your chest with colored raw stones. The rubies of the Triple-V necklace are natural and untreated, which means that the chain is adorned with the original color of the stones.

Size: 21.3 mm x 3.7 mm

Chain: 45cm (adjustable to 42cm and 39cm)

Material: 18 karat gold * Only the link is made of lower purity gold

Weight: 1.6g

Coming straight from Myanmar, ruby is cut with a singularity that takes advantage of the shape of the original stone during its extraction. The shape of the stone before its cut is therefore easily representable, and thus it is possible to appreciate it as a unique piece of jewelry.

The ruby is then gently and delicately surrounded by its 18 carat gold chain, which enhances its natural colors with magnificence, giving it a discreet and elegant appearance. You will thus be able to wear your necklace in your daily life as well as on larger occasions.

Often associated with passion and freedom, the red color of the ruby gives this jewel strength and elegance to reinforce the energy of the wearer.

Please note: Jewelry being created from natural stones, a slight difference may be visible from one piece to another.

Original wooden box: each piece comes with an original wooden box, hand made in Indonesia. Its warm wood gives it an elegant and discreet look. We recommend that you keep your jewelry pieces in this box to protect them from shocks and scratches.