RINNÉ Book Cover S

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A collection born from upcycling

Designating the cycle of life in Japanese, the Rinné collection was born from the reuse of leather from scraps during the manufacturing process, as well as old unsold leather from customers. In this way, MOTHERHOUSE pays tribute to the "kintsugi" philosophy, which considers that breakage and wear marks are part of our past and should be valued. 

Several pieces of leather for a unique accessory

The Rinné accessories are created using different pieces of recovered leather. Thus, the combinations of colors, the grain of the leather as well as its softness are unique to each product. You will never find two identical ones.

Reliable protection for your A6 format

The leather book cover of the RINNÉ collection in size S fits all your pocket books, agendas and notebooks in A6 format (14.8 x 10.5 cm). Thanks to the different removable parts, you can slide and protect your books, no matter how thick they are.

RINNÉ Book Cover S
RINNÉ Book Cover S